How to Schedule Physical & Occupational Therapy Appointment Online

How to Schedule PT & OT appointments

1.     Go to

2.     Select Appointments

3.     In search for next available appointments section select Clinic, Reason, and Provider, then click submit

4.     Select appointment date

5.     Select available appointment

6.     Click on  “view current appointments” to confirm appointment date, time, and provider are correct

7.     Online scheduling is for appointment scheduling in advance, for same day appointments please call Health Services at 212-799-5000 ext. 282.



·        The Occupational Therapist specialize in hands, wrist and arms (Upper Extremity)

·        PTs treat the whole body

·        Students may schedule only 2 appointments a week

·        Students can schedule only  2 weeks in advance

·        Students are encouraged to space out appointments, two days in a row is not ideal.

·        Students should not schedule with more than two providers