1. Exfoliate– To keep skin from being congested and looking dull and lackluster, exfoliation is key!
  2. Hydrate Inside & Out– Give skin a double dose of moisture by drinking lots of water.To hydrate outside, try adding products into your routine that contains ingredients that lock moisture into the skin.
  3. . Eat For Beauty –Your skin is a reflection of your health and eating the right foods can definitely make a difference in how your skin looks.For the most skin beautifying benefits, try adding foods  like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, apples and cucumbers.
    1. Don’t Skip The Sunscreen– Just because the weather has gotten cooler doesn’t mean it’s time to start skipping the sunscreen! The UVA rays (those pesky rays that cause wrinkles) are still as damaging to skin in the Fall as they are in the Summer.

    Look for moisturizers (and even makeup) that contain broad spectrum UVA/UVB in them (zinc oxide is the best for sensitive and acne prone skin – it’s also more natural). Don’t forget your neck and hands as well!

    1. Don’t Stress– Stress is probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to what causes skin issues. Try doing some deep breathing exercises, listen to your favorite song, watch a movie that makes you laugh, spend some time with your pets or loved ones, read a book you love.