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Cervical Health Awareness Month

Cervical Health Awareness Month brings awareness to  issues related to cervical cancer, HPV Disease, and the importance of early detection.  PAP and HPV are test used for early detection. http://www.nccc-online.org/hpvcervical-cancer/cervical-health-awareness-month/  
Graphic of computer screen with medical icons

Fake or fact: How to know if your online diagnosis is legit

Rate this article and enter to winScouring the internet to help you get to the bottom of your stomachache or that sudden rash is commonplace these days. Seven out of ten people say they...
Guy looking in the mirror

Ask the doc: “Is it normal for moles to appear a lot more when...

—Lizette G., University of the District of Columbia, Washington DCYes. It’s very common for people to acquire and lose moles over the course of their lifetime. Mole accumulation peaks in the 30s and after...